Modern Minimalist Home Doubles as a Concert Venue

Oak Pass Beveryly Hills

Nathan Frankel, a concert-level amateur violinist who also runs his own scrap-metal export business, envisioned a peaceful, quiet home that also offered a concert hall for live music—seemingly opposing requirements that are difficult to achieve in a Beverly Hills canyon. With the help of architect ... Read More

Go Inside Apple’s New Spaceship-Like Headquarters

Foster Partners Apple Headquarters

With Apple’s recent product launches, the company continues to be a dominant force in the consumer electronics world. As the company continues to grow and innovate, it will need a new home for its hard-working employees. That new facility, dubbed “the spaceship”, has just been received the green ... Read More

Infographic: How to Choose the Optimal Kitchen Layout

Modern kitchen

Galley kitchen, island kitchen, whatever kitchen you have, it’s important to know what works for your specific layout. Each style of kitchen has its pros and cons, but each has its own set of challenges. In any layout there are three variables: the refrigerator, oven, and sink/dishwasher. The ... Read More

Real Madrid Envisions Resort for Football Fans

real madrid dubai island resort

Football (or soccer) is a sport that’s loved the world over, and perhaps Real Madrid has more fans than any other football club on the planet. For a sports team of its caliber, it's no surprise that Real Madrid will soon get its own theme park, of sorts, on a man-made island in the United Arab ... Read More

Starbucks Pilots Small, Modular Coffee Hut

Starbucks modular

There’s something special about Starbucks. You can walk into any location in the country or abroad and feel right at home—as if you were stepping into your own neighborhood Starbucks. However, the coffee giant is experimenting with an entirely new type of coffee house that’s all about sustainability, ... Read More

Heavy Metal Residence Blends Metal and Nature

Heavy Metal Residence

Built in 2010, Missouri’s Heavy Metal Residence is a product of Kansas City-based studio Hufft Projects. The house is a blend of glass, steel, and concert, but still retails the tranquility the homeowners wanted despite such industrial materials. The Heavy Metal Residence sits on eight acres of ... Read More